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One of VSI’s most unique programs is Work and Personal Services (WPS) helps expand opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. WPS helps people with disabilities who might otherwise not qualify for workshop opportunities. State regulations require minimum abilities for workshop placement. Each year, several individuals fall below those levels, or don’t qualify in the first place. Ultimately, their only option becomes a day habilitation program or even just “staying home.”

VSI developed WPS to provide more intense supervision, motivation and assistance to these individuals as a means of increasing their work skills. This allows them to retain their options for employment. The techniques used include everything from community service to skill-training and other efforts. Many WPS participants have been able to increase their skill levels by two, three or even four times, allowing them to retain their workshop choice.

"Sometimes success means going beyond the norm," explained former VSI Executive Director Randy Hylton. "But we have to do things to provide opportunities for everyone." The community also learns from the program. "We've had many people, including our own Board members, who were impressed with the contributions these workers make through volunteer work or other contacts," Hylton said. "You see people having success that others thought was impossible. We have one man who was told by state officials that he would never even get into a workshop and now he's successful. That's what really counts."

CARF Accredited
Vocational Services Inc. is proud to be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), a not-for-profit, and nationally recognized accreditation authority. VSI is accredited in Organizational Employment and Community Integrated Employment Services.
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