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Business Services Help Create
Employment for People with Disabilities

VSI's three Northland workshops not only provide outstanding business services, they also ensure employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Important services for small businesses and large corporations play a critical role in providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

This dual duty is found in non-profits like the Northland’s Vocational Services, Inc. Founded over 50 years ago, VSI provides extended employment workshops at two locations in Liberty and one in North Kansas City.

Averaging a workforce of approximately 200 employees with disabilities, VSI can deliver a wide range of hands-on services that are often critical for small business and large corporate customers. Small businesses can take on added work with no permanent increase in overhead. Large businesses, including several national corporations, find that VSI’s flexible, on-demand services help fill critical gaps. All appreciate the quality and on-demand services that are often tailored to custom needs.

The most dramatic examples may lie with several small businesses. Often starting in a garage or basement, these entrepreneurs find VSI’s packaging, assembly, sorting and other services allow them to perform like much larger businesses and deliver projects they otherwise might miss. In several cases, VSI’s help has allowed them to grow and prosper far beyond their original plans or timetable.

VSI employees provide a wide range of business services and with equipment like digital pritning and shrink wrapping they can complete a wide range of special projects without requiring a business to increase its overhead.

These contract services have another goal, however: they provide employment for people with disabilities that otherwise would not exist. In fact, contract services fund over half the cost of operations for Missouri workshops like VSI. County and state funding provides the remainder, helping ensure the additional assistance and supports needed for these workers, including many with multiple, severe disabilities.

This dual focus does bring challenge. Constant business demands must be balanced with a human service component that would astound some in other industries. Staff members at VSI must be able to solve challenges for their business customers even while caring for workers with disabilities whose health needs might involve seizures or other serious issues.

VSI is also a leader in providing a diverse range of employment opportunities for people with disabilities. In addition to its three workshops, VSI offers Competitive Integrated Employment for workers who want the challenge of working for private businesses in the community. Work and Personal Services helps people with disabilities who might otherwise not qualify for workshop opportunities.

Located in industrial areas of Liberty and North Kansas City, VSI’s workshops don’t appear particularly unusual. Inside, however, they are in many ways some of the most remarkable operations in the region.

Nationally accredited and state certified, VSI has been providing employment and other services for people with disabilities for over 50 years – and serving the business community with on-demand, flexible services and programs.

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