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Marissa Mackay recently launched her second book, The “Purple Dragon,” a fantasy book now on sale through Amazon.

Marissa Mackay Tops “VSI Best Seller List!”

Marissa Mackay may not be on the New York Times’ Best Sellers list yet, but she tops the list at Vocational Services, Inc.

VSI employs nearly 200 Northland residents with disabilities at three locations in Liberty and North Kansas City. These employees provide services to area companies and even national corporations. They also boast dramatic individual accomplishments at work and at home. Mackay’s story may be one of the most dramatic.

She has worked at VSI since 2007 and has now published two books. “The Purple Dragon” and “Stay Magical” are both large print, hard cover and available for Kindle. A third is in the works.

Her fantasy subjects fit with much of today’s popular fiction that includes wizards, dragons, and magic. In “Stay Magical,” for instance, the characters have graduated from high school and are dealing with family members who practice their own magic.

“I like to write about dragons,” she said. “But I like to write about other stuff, too.”

Mackay’s interest in writing began in elementary school, but she became serious in high school. She wanted to write books about a superhero and created one who could turn into a dragon.

“It’s kind of a romantic story,” she added. “The superhero can turn into a dragon, and she falls in love with a bad guy, and the bad guy falls in love with her and turns good.” There are also bad guys looking for three stones to try to weaken that dragon.

VSI Executive Director Kimbal Mothershed said copies of the book have been ordered from Amazon. Autographed copies will be on display at the Liberty Annex, 905 S. Kent St., Liberty.

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